Business articles

Sales of new diesel cars fall by 14% in Germany

Sales of new cars in Germany rose in August, official figures showed Monday, but uncertainty over the future of diesel saw registrations of vehicles powered by the fuel continue to slide.

World equities drop after latest nuclear test

Global stock markets slid Monday as investors sought safer bets after North Korea claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb, one week after firing a ballistic missile over Japan.

Voice assistants promise a light-fingered future

Tomorrow’s digital interface may be even more revolutionary than the pinching, tapping and scrolling heralded by the smartphone: voice commands promise to unify and tame our digital lives.

Australia’s biggest bank woes go global amid new claims

Australia’s biggest bank failed to adequately monitor billions of dollars in global transactions, a report claimed Friday, potentially falling foul of international regulators as it battles similar allegations at home.

US dollar losing its luster as safe haven investment

In times of uncertainty or crisis, investors typically take refuge in “safe” options like the Swiss franc, gold or the US dollar, but under President Donald Trump the greenback has lost its luster, especially to the euro.

Fears over Texas chemical plant, as Houston flood eases

Storm-battered Texans faced a worrying new threat Thursday as potentially harmful smoke spewed from a swamped chemical plant near Houston, as Harvey’s floodwaters began to recede in America’s fourth-largest city.

Kremlin confirms Trump lawyer emailed Kremlin during campaign

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman on Wednesday confirmed that the Kremlin last year received an email from a lawyer working for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump about building a Trump Tower skyscraper in Moscow.