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#ClimateChange is real

In 2015/16, something deeply worrying to us South Africans happened. Drought set in across the entire country, severe water restrictions were widely implemented, and, due to profoundly difficult circumstances experienced by our farmers, even our food supply came into question. This is to say that #ClimateChange was no longer something that sounded terrible from a distance – it was, in fact, very real.

The heavens smiled – but the warning was clear

Our beautiful South African sky eventually opened its floodgates, bringing us much needed relief. Unfortunately, the Eastern and Western Capes faced increased water scarcity and, as Day Zero approached, Capetonians had to come to grips with the disconcerting (and potentially explosive) idea of military guarded water points.

If there is a silver lining to this dark cloud, however, it’s that we’ve finally acknowledged that we have to take care of our most precious natural resource: water. It was with this in mind that Caxton partnered with Builders to create a dedicated #ISaveWater portal on each of our community news websites.

What is #ISaveWater all about?

Our aim was simple – to provide our water conscious readers with accurate and useful information pertaining to water saving, conservation and news. We’ve now come to the end of our six month project, but you still have a chance to access over 48 articles dedicated to all #ISaveWater efforts.

If you find something interesting and relevant, or an article you feel passionately about, please share it with friends and family. If you haven’t found the #ISaveWater portal yet, simply click on the water droplet icon at the top of the page.

Final thoughts

We can’t stress enough how firmly we believe that knowledge is our best defence against future water crises. Moreover, we know that every bit of effort adds up to significant change: our individual actions become collective actions, and collective actions change the course of history.

In the final analysis, though, we have no choice – the #ISaveWater challenges must be faced head on, and we have to win, both for ourselves and for the sake of our children. Today is the day to make a difference. #ISaveWater!

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