Delicious dishes and fantastic flavours – You deserve the very best this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a fantastic idea, and moms have undoubtedly earned the right to be spoiled rotten. But in reality – let’s face it – you never get a day off. If my own experience is anything to go by, mom’s delightful breakfast in bed usually consisted of dry toast, runny eggs with burnt edges, and bacon that was “crisp” beyond all reasonable limits. Over and above our dubious culinary masterpiece, the arrival of family members meant that mom was on her feet for the rest of the day, celebrating a host of mothers other than herself.

If only…

In short, you know the story. So, what can be done? In my estimation, not much unfortunately. The only answer is to embrace the inevitable and meet the challenge in way that only a woman can. The trick, it seems, is to blow their socks off with a feast of flavours that lets everyone (including your ever helpful mother-in-law) know who the top mom really is.

Mother’s Day breakfast – a chance to teach the kids something that dad can’t

For starters, know that if you want the spectacular breakfast you deserve, you’ll have to direct and monitor the efforts of your minions – little and adult alike. Don’t hold back, this is meant to be your treat, after all. The menu is your choice, and it can be as decadent as you like. Jungle Oats are a definite no-no. Think big, but remember that you need to leave some room for a family lunchtime spread that’ll undoubtedly meet the criteria of a genuine culinary masterclass.

Watch: An elegant breakfast for champion moms that tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Keep your Mother’s Day lunch close to home with South African classics

Home is where the heart is, and iconic local dishes are always guaranteed to impress even the harshest of critics. May isn’t the ideal month for outdoor braais, but our diverse country offers so much more. At the top of the list, surely, is an expertly crafted Bobotie, replete with carefully mixed spices, tender lamb or mince, mouth-watering apricots and fragrant curry powder and turmeric. For maximum effect, let it cool on the table for a few minutes, allowing its aroma to tantalise your guests.

Watch: How to create world-beating Bobotie

Of course, don’t skimp on the good stuff – our faithful friend, red wine. A truly home grown classic is a Pinotage (or even a Chenin Pinotage). Pinotage was born in the Cape winelands and was first produced in 1925. Now it’s a favourite around the world. The subtle flavours of cherries, blueberries and even plums pair perfectly with a liberally fruit-laced Bobotie.

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Indulgent and delicious desserts for the discerning South African mom

No flawless performance is complete without the crescendo of a well-considered dessert. Of course, you can use your own creativity and imagination, and mix and match at will; but there are three top-notch local desserts that shouldn’t be overlooked.

First up is the I-can-never-get-enough Melktert. No need to say more. Second up is the heavenly sweetness of generously glazed Koeksisters just dripping with rich and simply wicked syrup. The last on the list is reserved for the brave – the Don (or Dom) Pedro. The origins of this South African invention can be traced back to a 1970s Cape Town, and some purists stick to whiskey and/or Kahlua to give the softened ice-cream and cream its bite. To bring it even closer to local culture, however, try Amarula and top everything off with crushed Peppermint Crisp. Nice.

If, of course, you’ll be one of the guests at a family get together and won’t be cooking up a storm yourself, feel free to send this article on to your gracious hostess (hey, why be subtle in such matters?).

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