It’s the fight of the year – but does McGregor stand a chance against the legendary Mayweather?

Well, the official odds are overwhelmingly in Mayweather’s favour, and the great Lennox Lewis has said that he can’t take the fight seriously – but when fists fly, predictions have often meant nothing at all. That being said, here are 5 reasons why pundits believe the boxer, even at 40 years of age, should beat the reigning UFC champion.

  1. It’s a boxing match, which neutralises McGregor’s kicks, throws and grappling

If Mayweather were to enter the Octagon under MMA rules, McGregor would probably take him to ground within a few seconds, and either achieve a TKO by using hammerfists or obtain a submission through a chokehold. But in the boxing ring, McGregor’s fight-arsenal is severely constrained.


  1. It’s a boxing match, which means Mayweather will be untouchable

Given that McGregor will be left with only an assortment of punches (including his lethal left cross), Mayweather is likely to default to his defensive “shoulder roll” stance (where his front hand drops to his mid-section and his left shoulder is pulled up to his chin), and simply let his opponent tire himself out. Then the sustained attacks will come, putting McGregor on the back foot.


  1. It’s a boxing match, so the pace of the fight is completely different

UFC rounds last a long and tiring 5 minutes, but normal bouts are limited to 3 rounds. By contrast, boxing allows for 12 rounds at 3 minutes each. The point is obvious: McGregor’s explosive MMA pace could lead to him tiring out within the first few rounds.


  1. Mayweather is an experienced campaigner who knows how to win by decision

I’ve done some maths: 53% of Mayweather’s 49 wins are by KO or TKO, while 86% of McGregor’s 21 wins are by KO or TKO. In short, the UFC fighter likes to attack aggressively right from the start (he took only 13 seconds to KO Jose Aldo in the UFC Featherweight Championship title fight). By contrast, Mayweather is known to hang back and let his opponent swing at fresh air.

  1. The pre-fight psychological warfare is in Mayweather’s corner

Mayweather is undefeated in 49 pro fights, a World Champion in 5 weight divisions, a winner of 15 world titles and widely regarded as one of the best fighters of all time. McGregor is, undeniably, the underdog. He knows it, he knows everybody else knows it, and playing to this, Mayweather has said that he didn’t even know who McGregor was until the fight was proposed.


Despite the above list, McGregor has many things going for him: he’s bigger, stronger, younger, hungrier and left-handed (Mayweather doesn’t look comfortable against south-paws). Again, odds may be against the fighting Irishman, but all it takes is one powerful and well-timed left cross and Floyd may hit the canvas for the first time in more than 20 years. Now, that would make headlines.

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