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THE other day I drew money at an ATM in the Comaro Shopping Centre and some of the notes dispatched, were R200 notes.

When my son tried to use them at the Builders Warehouse, they refused to accept the cash as they said that it was outdated notes. My son then went to FNB in Hennie Alberts and was told that he must take the notes to the reserve bank, if he wants them changed.

I worked in a bank before and know that the reserve bank doesn’t deal with the public. I mentioned this to my friends and realised that I wasn’t the only person who received these notes. I can’t recall having seen any notices re: R200 notes being discontinued. Do you guys perhaps know something about it? It may be worth investigating?

Jackie Dominick

According to Chantelle Sampson, front line manager for Builders Warehouse, The Glen, the notice of discontinuation came out years ago – to say these old R200 notes are not to be accepted.

Since this letter, the RECORD has seen other stores with printed notes, stating they don’t accept the old R200 notes.

The question must be asked why money is printed, if it’s just going to be discontinued shortly after?Why is it still being circulated and given to clients, if they can’t even use it and why is legitimately printed currency not being accepted?

The RECORD received comment from one of the major banks we mailed to ask about this matter, but they simply replied by saying: “Due to security reasons and system restrictions, we are unable to assist you via an email request. Kindly be advised that you must visit your nearest branch with your ID book/Passport and these notes, as a dedicated consultant will be able to assist you accordingly.”

The RECORD will keep readers updated on any other information that may become available regarding this matter.

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David Pienaar

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