Terrible service and horrible state of dumping site

WHAT A MESS: Refuse and garden waste all mixed up and strewn everywhere but in the bins.

I feel today that I must say something about the state of the Alberton dumping site in Heidelberg Road and what is happening there.

I run a garden service and go there often, sometimes twice a day.

What I’ve seen for many years, and worsening exponentially over the last few months, is a filthy dumping site with at least 15 workers sitting sleeping in chairs waiting for vehicles to come and dump household goods that they can put their hands on to make an extra income.

Why can some of the workers not cut the grass and do some constructive work and get the place in a good, clean, working order? There seems to be no supervision at all.

Taxpayers are paying for all these people’s salaries and they do absolutely nothing other than collect trash that they can sell for further profit and there are way too many of them, even if they actually did do anything.

Can we get some answer from the council about the state of the dumping site and what they are planning to do to get it in order again?


Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality spokesperson, Themba Gadebe, had this to say: “The transfer station has been experiencing low vehicle availability due to vehicle breakdown.

“Four compactor trucks are allocated to the site. However, three of the vehicles experienced breakdown during the same period of the complaint.

“The depot had to service the site with only one compactor truck and the amount of refuse volume has since increased. However, additional capacity was sought from the Germiston depot and the situation has since normalised.

“Due to the high frequency of contractors and community members who dump their refuse at the site, the staff deployed at the site are meant to cope with the high volume of refuse. It must also be noted that the workers have rest periods that they need to take in terms of Labour Relations Acts.

“The other operational dynamic that needs to be taken into account is that some of the workers act as spotters on site for the management of free flow of traffic.

“Furthermore, it must also be noted that workers that are responsible for cleaning and sweeping will therefore wait until the traffic volume on site has subsided so that they will be able to properly clean, so as to avoid incidents on site.”

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David Pienaar

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