Couple hijacked at their gate

ANOTHER CRIME INCIDENT: Lancia Street in Eden Park, where a couple was hijacked.

A COUPLE from Lancia Street, Eden Park were surprised by armed men and hijacked when they arrived at home at 21:30 on Sunday, November 27.

The couple, who cant be named, stopped at the gate and saw no person or vehicle in the street. “But just as my husband was opening the gate, a silver-grey Camry stopped behind our car and three armed men jumped out,” the woman said.

“Two attacked my husband, taking the car keys while one opened the door on my side and took my handbag, with our house keys inside,” the woman said.

“Everything happened so quickly. It was over in a few seconds and our car was gone. I ran to our neighbour and phoned the tracking company, who found our vehicle in Vosloorus.

“I was happy for having our car back, but most of all I’m happy that no lives were lost; or any injuries sustained,” she added.

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Saul Thloloe

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