Gogo escapes death

LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Pamela Dreyer (68) recuperating at home, with a big and deep gash to her head after being knocked over by a car.

OUMA Pam can thank her stars that shes still alive after being knocked down by a car on Sunday, November 27 in Lancia Street, Eden Park.

“I almost died a mere 10 steps from my gate. I was walking on the pavement and just about to reach my gate, when suddenly a car came from behind and knocked me down. My head hit the tarred road so hard, I just passed out,” said Pamela Dreyer.

After being revived’, the old lady was rushed to hospital where she receives stitches to the deep laceration on her head.

“Im sitting here with a painful head, should and leg. But then, I thank the Lord for saving my life. I was told by people who witnessed the accident’, that the young woman driver was busy on her cell phone when she knocked me down.” Pam said.

A case of reckless driving was opened at Eden Park SAPS and is being investigated.

Saul Thloloe

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