Man accuses the EMPD of corruption


I’m sending this letter because I’m hoping to get some justice.

On Wednesday, November 23, an EMPD (Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department) officer pulled one of my truck drivers over in Newmarket, Alberton and told him to call me urgently.

I spoke to the officer and she said that there were lots of problems with my truck, so I told her that she should write out a fine for anything that may be wrong.

She insisted that I come there immediately, but I explained to her that this was impossible as I was in Pretoria and that she could issue a fine – so why should I come personally?

She obviously wanted a bribe.

Subsequently, she made up a list of ridiculous faults (that are false) on a form, a ‘notice to discontinue operation of motor vehicle’ document; among them: tyres – all of them have plenty of tread and were fully pumped; brake drums (one can’t see brake drums from the outside); speedometer not working (how would she know if she never drove the truck?); and seats (the seats have normal wear and tear that any vehicle gets, not at all overly so and not causing any risk or anything like that) – there are others too, but you get the idea.

She was obviously upset that I wasn’t interested in paying her a bribe, so she illegally took away my truck’s license and all this, is costing me an immense amount of money.

What she did is illegal and quite frankly disgusting and sickening – worst of all is, she’ll get away with it.

There’s no justice in this country – the fraud and corruption is so bad, it’s a normal thing now that one simply expects and the perpetrators get off scot-free. In fact, they’re usually rewarded for their despicable acts.

Disgusted resident

Wilfred Kgasago, spokesperson for the EMPD, had this to say: “There isn’t any law that says an officer can summon the owner, unless it’s a very serious matter of life and death. It suffices that the officer deals with the driver regarding whatever defects there are.

“Although I’m not certain of the circumstances surrounding the whole matter, based on the information you’ve provided, the officer was supposed to just issue a fine to the driver.”

RECORD is in possession of a copy of said document, as well as the name of the officer and parties involved.

David Pienaar

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