EMM admit some people’s power cut off for no reason


RECORD has received many complaints from residents regarding their power being cut.

One resident, a pensioner from Alberton, had her power cut in spite of being up to date with payments; and in fact being in credit.

“I called them several times and even went in to try to sort it out, but all they say is that they can’t help me. The woman at the counter wouldn’t even look at my proof that I’m in credit – she just looked at the screen and said that she can’t help me. All our food has gone off; our grandkids can’t visit; we can’t bath or shower; we have no lights; our security system is offline now; the list goes on,” says the lady, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Several other similar and varying accounts have been brought to our attention.

Themba Gadebe, spokesperson for the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality responded with this comment:

“During the last week a disturbing trend was noticed, whereby electricity was ‘disconnected’ to customers that aren’t on the ‘cut list’ from finance credit control.

“We found out that were at least four houses, that were erroneously disconnected. In some cases, there were hard disconnection with circuit breakers removed, conductors cut and even the blue seal used, to indicate a credit control disconnection applied.

“In order to have some control and not to jeopardise credit control functions, the standing rule is that the energy department will not connect a disconnected house – and the occupier must visit the finance department. In these known cases, it was found later that the houses weren’t disconnected by credit control.

“The process to verify took some time and we apologise for the inconvenience caused, during the time it took to reconnect.

“Please note that the supply was disconnected by unknown person(s) for unknown reasons.

“The energy department, finance department and ward councillors are all working together, to investigate the origin of these incidents.”

A resident who wishes not to be named, said: “This is little consolation for residents whose safety is in jeopardy, as well as the expense of spoiled food, the inconvenience, etc. Also, if one can prove they are in credit or up to date with payments, perhaps a system should be put in place to streamline the process – instead of just throwing up their (Ekurhuleni) hands and saying they can’t help.”

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David Pienaar

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