Jackson Dam, a gem that needs to be protected

JACKSON DAM ENTRANCE: It's important that visitors follow the rules and help to keep the dam's environs clean.

JACKSON Dam in Brackenhurst is a place of natural beauty. It’s a place where people can relax and enjoy being alone, with family and or friends.

Many people have fun using the gym equipment, children have fun on the play ground equipment, while some people just sit around talking or walking; others enjoy a picnic. In all, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy nature and take in some fresh air..

“We turn to places like Jackson Dam for aesthetic pleasure; spiritual inspiration – and maybe just to connect with nature. Conservation of Jackson Dam is a moral and ethical imperative,” said ward 94 councillor, Marina van Wyk.

After recent events of alcohol misuse and dogs attacking visitors inside the park, cllr Van Wyk is reminding visitors to Jackson Dam of the following rules;

1. Alcohol is forbidden within the boundaries of the Jackson Dam park area.

2. Dogs may not enter the premises unless on a leash and accompanied by an owner, who is holding the leash for the duration of the stay.

3. Dogs may not use the front part of the park, but must be taken to the back section of the park and gate security can assist with directions.

4. Dog owners are required to bring gloves and plastic bags to “scoop the poop”.

For better control of entry to the park facilities, only one gate will be open from now on. The two security guards at the gate are responsible for upholding the rules of the park and have the authority to deny entry to visitors, who fail to comply. Furthermore, the security guards also have the authority to have perpetrators removed and / or arrested, should the situation call for it.

“Our quality of life and that of future generations, depends on our wise stewardship and effective protection of this inheritance. Let us all work together to make Jackson Dam a place where all people can find tranquility, peace and joy,” cllr Van Wyk added.

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Elzaan Pienaar

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