The Hair Academy of SA Alberton is accredited

Students everywhere need to understand the importance of getting a qualification from an accredited institution and the dangers of receiving a qualification from an institution without accreditation.

Being accredited helps determine if an institution meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality. It also helps students determine acceptable institutions for enrolment and assists institutions in determining the acceptability of the transfer of credits.

The Hair Academy is registered with the only two recognised bodies. SETA accreditation means you can obtain a trade test allowing you to be paid and recognised by the National Bargaining Council and the qualification is accepted in most countries.

City and Guilds is recognised by the National Bargaining Council, employers organisation and UASA (the union) as an award (similar to trade test) also allowing you to work in South Africa and be paid in accordance with the National Bargaining Council standards. This also allows you to work in most countries around the world.

Accreditation is a tool The Hair Academy of SA Alberton uses to monitor, assess and evaluate the standards and quality of the education a student receives at any learning institution.

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